A Clarification Regarding the Tax Collector Race

There were two Democrats interested in running for the position of Tax Collector. Both submitted applications and both were vetted by the nominating committee. It is important to note that both Democrats who were seeking the position of Tax Collector – Bill Smith and Robert Radich – voted in favor of Committee endorsing for just one of the two vying for the seat.

The vote was conducted by written ballot. Prior to the vote, each candidate indicated that they would support the other if they were not selected. The vote was close, with Bill Smith winning over Robert Radich. This was not surprising since both candidates were vetted and qualified.

Shortly after the endorsement meeting, Robert Radich decided that he would run for the position without an endorsement, despite having pledged his support of the winner of the process. As part of the process to get a position on the ballot, Mr. Radich failed to file both a financial disclosure form in the Borough Offices (required by law) and failed to file a State Police criminal record with his nominating petition in the County Election Board (also required by law). Mr. Smith challenged his nominating petition and the Common Pleas Court ruled to remove Mr. Radich from the primary ballot based on his failure to follow the election law.

“Facts matter … and trying to win elections by disparaging one’s opponent is not the way the Lansdowne Democratic Committee conducts itself.”

Subsequently, Mr. Radich has decided to run a write in campaign. In various social media postings, he has disparaged Mr. Smith’s qualifications by citing decadesold financial filings (liens against him) and implying that Mr. Smith was terminated by the Borough from the position of Borough Treasurer when he held that position many years ago.

In the first instance, Mr. Smith’s financial issues were of a very personal nature – resulting from medical and family custody matters. All judgments have been cleared. In the second, the record is clear that while Mr. Smith was serving as part-time Borough Treasurer, it was he, himself who recommended that the position be made full-time and that the Borough hire someone to take over that position. When this transition was substantially completed, Mr. Smith’s services were obviously no longer needed and he left the position for a similar one in a neighboring Borough.

We publish this information so that the public is aware that facts matter and that trying to win elections by disparaging one’s opponent is not the way the Lansdowne Democratic Committee conducts itself. We commend our endorsed slate of candidates for their willingness to serve their community, their qualifications and their commitment to positive campaigning. We ask that you endorse them as well with your vote on May 16.