Re-Elect Tony Campuzano for Mayor of Lansdowne

Tony Campuzano has served as Mayor of Lansdowne for the past three years. He takes his mayoral responsibilities very seriously and he would like to continue to serve the residents of the Borough for another four years.

Tony’s qualifications for the office stem from over 25 years of public service to the Borough. His background includes serving as a member of Borough Council for 13 years, 4 of which were as its President. He also served 10 years as the Borough Constable. In addition, he served a brief stint as Borough manager. Tony knows the work of local government inside and out and has always taken a hands on, resident-centered approach to anything he does.

With a good working relationship with the Borough Council, the police and fire departments and borough staff, Tony feels that he can continue to help the borough move forward. He would like to continue to improve borough services, support annual events and bring new events and activities to the residents. He wants to continue to support the young residents by advocating for high quality education in our schools and to work with the Boys and Girls Club in having sports and other activities for the kids.

Tony will also continue to support our senior citizens and veterans who are a vital part of our community. By working with local and state officials and groups he will ensure they get the help and services they need. As Mayor and a resident of the Borough Tony hopes to see the historic Lansdowne Theater open and successfully operating in his next term as he understands that this is a vital piece to the continued development and success of our downtown area.

The most important thing for Tony is that he be available to the residents to hear their ideas and concerns and to answer any questions and advocate on their behalf. He has and always will be a champion and fighter for Lansdowne, a town that he loves.

Tony has lived in Lansdowne for 42 years. With his wife, Marie, he has four children and three grandchildren. He is a self-employed general contractor and has owned his own business for 32 years.