You May Be a Feminist

By Terry Baraldi

Feminism. Some of our young women just don’t get it – they think their moms, aunts and grandmothers are just still protesting some irrelevant past bra-burning era. Nope!

Oh we do remember that time, but today we’re marching for our health, our civil rights and our wallets. We just can’t believe that we still have to. But we do and, even if our daughters and granddaughters don’t quite see it that way, so do Gens X, Y and Z. Maybe they just don’t realize that they’re really the next wave, the new front line, clearing the road ahead for their daughters. The new faces of feminism.

Here’s a basic primer on how to identify a feminist:

  • If you have a career, instead of a “job”, you are probably a feminist.
  • If you think you should have the same career opportunities as a man, and should be paid accordingly, you are a feminist.
  • If you think “NO!” means “no”, you are a feminist.
  • If you think you should have control of your own reproductive health, YOU ARE A FEMINIST!

Embrace it!

And, if you’ve never, based on your gender:

  • been turned down for a credit card;
  • been denied a mortgage;
  • been deemed too fragile for a career in the military, or too hormonal for a corner office in your chosen profession;
  • had to just accept as normal sexual innuendos and advances in the workplace;
  • been denied a divorce, trapped in an abusive marriage or been informed that forced marital sex was NOT considered rape…

…then – you’re welcome!