Art by the Numbers

Creative Women of Lansdowne

The recent Creative Women of Lansdowne art show was an unqualified success! Usually, art is a subjective, qualitative aspect of our community. Yet from the numbers below it was obviously a measurable success as well.

The show was curated by Megan Halsey, local artist and community volunteer. The 20*20 House is programmed and managed by Hanne Weedon, Coordinator of the Lansdowne Arts Board.

76 women artists in the show, ranging in age from 10 to 80
110 pieces of visual art in the gallery
12 poets and writers submitted 20 pieces of writing
400-500 attended the show opening on March 9
50 attended the community music, poetry and prose event on March 17
50-150 gallery people visited the gallery each of the four weekends the show was open to public in March
25 local elementary and high school students toured the show with their teachers
25% of the gallery artwork was sold during the show
10 volunteers donated approximately 200 hours of their time between January and March, doing the curating, hanging and staffing of the show, as well as editing and doing layout on the poetry and prose booklet
$6,000 pro-bono and in-kind donations were made toward the show.
$2,000 – the cost of the show (not counting regular paid, part-time staff)