Nina Ahmad Endorsed for Lt. Governor

By Catherine Coll

Lansdowne Democrats are proud to endorse Nina Ahmad for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ahmad is a scientist, first generation immigrant, and activist who has served the Mayor of Philadelphia’s office and as president of Philadelphia NOW. A progressive and feminist Democrat, she has served as one of the few women of color in the Pennsylvania government and on the board of the Philadelphia Foundation.

Ahmad is from Mount Airy and has ties to our local activist community. She spoke to a room of Delco women activists at an Indivisible event in March, telling the story of escaping a civil war, becoming a scientist, and raising two girls as a first-generation immigrant. Because of those ties and relationships, Ahmad’s campaign, originally for Congress in the 1st district, was able to mobilize quickly for the Lt. Governor position in the wake of the congressional redistricting announcement. Ahmad was able to get thousands of petition signatures in 11 different counties within eight days, during a Nor’easter.

Dr. Ahmad’s success has been in building relationships and coalitions. At a statewide level, Ahmad is interested in a platform of racial, economic and gender justice. She sees opportunities for pursuing those at a statewide level by means of the Governor’s board of pardons, allowing older people who have served significant time and do not pose a threat, out of crowded prison systems. Ahmad would also support #metoo legislation proposed by Leanne Krueger- Braneky, and help us move towards more equal representation for women in Pennsylvania government. The candidate also promotes economic growth via science and technology education and jobs for all parts of the state.

In her talk with Delco NOW and Delco Indivisibles, Dr. Ahmad talked about what she’d learned as a survivor of war and as an immigrant who succeeded in a maledominated field. The themes that she returned to repeatedly were family, community and relationships. Her positions on equal pay, $15 minimum wage, against mass incarceration, and health care for all arise from those values. Lansdowne Democrats align with those values and positions and are happy for this opportunity to support Dr. Ahmad, a progressive woman, for statewide office in Pennsylvania.