It’s Not Just about the Top of the Ticket

by Cleora A. Levetter, Ph.D

It’s about the senators who will select the next Supreme Court Justices. I believe abortion is murder, yet I would not want some man to decide what I do with my body. And I would not impose my belief on any other female… there must be the freedom to choose.

This election is about healthcare – Is the System fixed yet? Absolutely not! However the old folk used to say don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We need to fix “Obamacare,” finding ways to entice young folks to sign up (free college, lower interest on student loans). Perhaps more bargaining with drug companies though Medicare/Medicaid dollars.

It’s about the schools – our children should get a quality, top notch education whether they attend Penn Wood High or Ridley High, we all know education is still segregated and unequal.

It’s about making sure all of us have a future, a chance to get a decent job… Free community colleges, with the right programs and adequate funding can help with this…

It’s about having that discussion about racism, so we all come to believe that “Black Lives Matter.”

It’s about community policing, giving those with backgrounds in education, social work, the arts, etc. an additional ten points on the police test, training them to do police work instead of prioritizing ex-military folks and then trying to retrain them to do community policing.

It’s about connecting the generations by welcoming seniors into our schools to tutor, supervise, share histories and talents. By extending the school day for middle and high school students so they run after school programs for elementary students.

It’s about strengthening our village, not tearing it apart with insults and threats of violence.

It’s about all of us paying our fair share… not just those who get their taxes taken out of paychecks before they even get it.

It’s not about making this country great again, it’s about all of us working together to achieve the promise of this country’s greatness.