We Want to Know What You Think!


In the July 1996 edition of the Lansdowne Leader, the Lansdowne Democrats conducted a survey to find out what members of the community were thinking. The responses were thoughtful and helpful in helping to move Lansdowne forward. Many of the things that have happened in our Borough were a result of the survey responses.

Will you take a moment to respond to the survey questions and send your thoughts to the Lansdowne Democrats either via mail to PO Box 1136, Lansdowne, PA 19050 or via email to lansdownedems@gmail.com.

We will publish the results in the next edition of the Lansdowne Leader! Thank you.

  1. What first attracted you to Lansdowne? If you are a long-time resident, what keeps you here?
  2. What are Lansdowne’s best features? What do you brag about?
  3. Explain one or two things you find frustrating or disappointing about the town? What would you like to see or suggest be done to address them?
  4. Are there things you notice in Lansdowne that could be considered “diamonds in the rough”? That is, things that have great potential but have not been developed or taken advantage of?
  5. What are the national or state-wide issues that have the most meaning for or greatest impact on Lansdowne? What could the federal or state government do (or stop doing) that would impact Lansdowne for the better?
  6. What are some of the community activities you or your family participate in? What would you add?